Shredding & Recycling Services

Shredding Services

Shredding & Recycling ServicesGrow, Inc. offers business and residential shredding through our facility. We charge a flat rate of only twelve cents per pound and assure the security of your documents. For larger business accounts, we will pick up your documents at your business in our enclosed truck. We will also pallet and wrap your document boxes if needed or desired. We will inventory each box/container, weigh your items via a certified scale from an independent company to ensure weight accuracy and your piece of mind (your documents never leave the security of our truck nor are they handled by anyone outside our company). Your documents are then brought to our facility for shredding. We guarantee the safety and security of your documents while they are in our facility.

Residential or small business accounts can enjoy our low prices for shredding as well. Unfortunately we can not offer at door pick up for small amounts, but we will gladly accept your documents at our location and ensure the safety and security of your documents throughout the process.

Grow, Inc. is committed to conservation of our environment through recycling. We recycle all of our shredded paper through the Adams-Brown Recycling Center in Georgetown, Ohio. Grow, Inc. has also teamed with the Recycling Center to participate in the community wide shredding day in Brown County.


RecyclingGrow, Inc. will be purchasing a baler soon and will be expanding our recycling programs. Currently we recycle paper and aluminum cans at our facility. Our paper recycling is currently tied to our shredding services. However we will soon recycle cardboard as well. We will gladly accept your aluminum cans at our facility. We will be happy to pick up large quantities of cans as well (mileage restrictions apply).

All items are recycled through the Adams-Brown Recycling Center. Thus your donation of recyclable items keeps your community clean, protects the environment and supports local organizations which serve Brown County providing employment opportunities to your friends and neighbors. EVERYBODY WINS! Watch our FACEBOOK page for news on the purchase of our baler. Once purchased, Grow, Inc. will begin accepting cardboard items as well.