Why Contract With Grow, Inc.?

Grow, Inc. is a well established company that has served the needs of Brown County and the surrounding area for over thirty years. Our service is second to none and our prices have always been and continue to be very competitive.

Grow, Inc. supports the people of Brown County  and the surrounding areas through participation in community partnerships with local businesses. We help maintain employment opportunities for the people who work in our county through these partnerships. We purchase supplies locally, hire locally, and partner locally. Our interest is in our neighbors.

Grow, Inc. is a non-profit which serves the developmentally disabled. Not only do we provide services to our friends and neighbors, we also have a much higher purpose. That purpose is to serve the developmentally disabled. Our facility employs and provides vocational education to adults who would otherwise have very limited or no opportunities for employment. We currently serve approximately 80 individuals in our facility.

Grow, Inc. is committed to the environment. We want Brown County and the surrounding area to be a great place to live for our future generations.  The protection of the beauty of our county, its history, and its opportunities is always a concern for us.